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If you’re due to give birth around the holidays, then choosing a Christmas-themed name for your little one is a sweet idea to honor their birth month. You can always add those on your registry. Linus means ‘flaxen haired’. Pax is a name of Latin origin that means ‘peaceful.’ With Pax, ‘all is calm, all is bright.’. The best thing; the Amazon baby registry is absolutely free. This Biblical name, meaning ‘father of light’, reached the peak of its popularity in the 1880s. And it’s one of the least familiar names too! Rudolf, the name of the Santa’s most favorite reindeer, is one of those vintage names that might be back anytime soon. Tiffany derived from the medieval English name Theophania and means ‘appearing from God’ in Greek. This name will forever be connected to the holidays, thanks to the movie “Olive, the Other Reindeer”. Eira is the feminine form of Aneirin, meaning ‘very snowy’. We’re not talking about “FRIENDS” Rachel here. Bell means ‘ringer of the bell’. It’s white, one of the primary colors associated with Christmas, and comes down mainly during winters. One of the most conspicuous bearers of this name is Natalie Portman, the American actress. It means ‘angel’ and who best than Angelina Jolie herself to be a namesake. As the Christian mood sets in and celebrations are heightened, we here are getting the party started with our Christmas baby names party popper. Alternatively, you can opt for Angela as well. How would Dax sound as a nickname for December? With all the shopping craze going on, we hope our baby name list has made picking a Christmas baby name for your baby simpler. Now that unconventional noun names and Disney princess names are gaining ground, how about picking Snow for your daughter? The mood begins to … Most of you would recognize this name from the cult movie “A Christmas Story”. If you want a name with religious connotations, pick Malachi, which refer to the angels in the nativity scene. We all know that star is a Christmas symbol. It means ‘treasurer’. Holly means ‘to prick’. 6th Month Pregnancy Diet - Which Foods To Eat And avoid? It is taken from the traditional English carol “Down in Yon Forest”. This christmas baby girl name is in steady use, especially in the middle. This baby registry will help you find out about most baby items and essentials while pregnant. Yukio is one of the cool Christmas baby names with a Japanese origin. Cute 4 Letter Girl Names With Meaning And Origins, Here’s Why Your Thawed Breast Milk Looks Grainy, Do Men Go To Baby Showers? Jesus means ‘God saves’. 10 festive girl names Angel. Epiphany—For the celebration just following that commemorates the visit of the Magi. We think it’s a great option for parents who avoid overtly feminine names. It will refer to the star of Bethlehem mentioned in the Christmas tales. This nickname for Ralph, meaning ‘wolf-counsel’ is on the verge of a comeback. It’s a perfect baby name for nature lovers. Melchior was one of the Three Wise Men who visited Jesus. There’s something beautiful about French names, and Noel is no exception. Apart from its connection to the Virgin Mary, Virginia also featured in the powerful newspaper editorial of 1897. NO-CHARGES! Felix: This wonderful name means “happy” and this is what Christmas time is. This name means ‘light giving’. Baby boy names. The name Cady is associated with the French word ‘cadeaux’, which means ‘present’. In the Christmas special movie, “Meet Me in St. Louis”, Alonzo was the name of both brother and father in the Smith family. Some people shorten Joseph to Joe, which is a common Christmas name for boys. A name fit for a future pop star. Choosing a baby name is hard, you want to make sure you pick the perfect one! Did we miss your favorite seasonal name? For the nickname, you can pick Rudy. The most popular festive baby name for girls is Mary and for boys it's David. Elden is another name meaning ‘from the elves valley’. Theodore is a Greek name that means ‘gift of God’. However, one good thing about having a baby at Christmas is the choice of names that are available. Cecil Frances Alexander had written a poem, which inspired the classic carol, “Once in Royal David’s City”. In “Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol”, the first holiday program for television, Belle was the name of the long lost love of Scrooge’s. Arthur means ‘noble or courageous’. Christmas baby names are so beautiful and full of joy that you are spoiled for choice if you are expecting a festive bundle of joy. This Latinate name means ‘eager for war’. The inspiration behind this name is “Bring a torch, Jeanette Isabella” a beautiful Christmas carol. recently released a list of the most popular festive baby names of 2020 and the top contenders may surprise parents, The Mirror reports. This name, meaning ‘hot ashes’, exudes the fuzzy feels that makes Christmas our favorite holiday. You might want to consider these when choosing baby names for your baby. It means ‘greater glory’. This super trendy name is the Russian version of Natalie and means ‘born in Christmas’. Aurelio : Spanish boy name meaning “gold” (one of the gifts given to Jesus) Clarice is the name of the female reindeer who likes Rudolf just the way he is, even with the red nose. Whether you planned for a Christmas baby or life just gave you a pleasant surprise, enjoy Christmas name shopping with these distinctive Christmas baby names for you Xmas miracle. A name with loads of pizzazz, Zuzu means ‘lily’. In “The Nutcracker”, Clara is the name of the little girl. This Latin name, meaning ‘light or shiny’ conjures images of twinkling lights we see in and around our houses. If you’re seeking a one syllable name that will always remind you of Christmas, this should be it. If you want to bestow a Biblical or spiritual name on your daughter, Abigail could be considered. This cool name is perfect for a child born at this time of the year. Everything You Need To Know, How Many Guests Should You Have At A Baby Shower, What Happens If Baby Drinks Spoiled Breast Milk. It’s a chic Christmas name, and it’s French! Have you registered for the Amazon baby registry before you even start on baby names? Deciding on a baby name is hard, but if you're due to give birth this month you may be thinking of choosing a Christmas-themed name. Christmas time should be fully of Joy, so this is a fitting name for baby girls born in this season. This sugary name is as sweet as a candy cane. Christmas Baby Names Posted on 23rd November 2018 For expectant parents with December due dates, you may well be deliberating the possibility of a seasonal name for your bundle of joy. The Christmas tree is an integral part of the Christmas celebrations. It refers to the blanket of snow on our roofs during Christmas. Christmas is indeed a wonderful time to remember all the gifts we’ve received throughout the year. Having a baby at Christmas can be even tougher, not to mention tough for those who are also born at Christmas. This name featured in the movie “Elf”. Christmas is a time to give people hope, and the birth of a baby in this period is a stamp for good thoughts and desires. December is a wearable name for both girls and boys, but it’s often seen listed in the christmas girls names. It’s a perfect name for parents who are nature lovers. However, it has been lying unused since the year 1915. Even if the snow gets late, make your own flakes by calling her ‘Eira.’. 8th December 2020. And it continues to move upwards the list. Pronounced "AYN-gell" in English or "An-HEHL" in Spanish. Your son will even get to share his name with Christian Bale, one of the most iconic actors of our generation. Amaryllis is a beautiful flower associated with Christmas. Gloria tops the list of famous Christmas baby names in the world. Jovie is one of the modern Christmas girl elf names. This a perfect description of the Christmas mood. Frost means ‘white haired’. Waite means ‘guard’. A noted Berry is photographer Berry Berenson. Such a popular name for your Christmas gift. Rachel is also the name of the first wife of Jacob and Joseph’s mother. It’s also among the very cool names for a Christmas season girl. HAVING a baby around December 25 is the ultimate Christmas present, with some parents inspired to choose a festive name as a result. In the movie Santa Claus, Anya was Mrs. Claus’s first name. It means ‘long haired’. Baby names with a Christmas theme for inspiration. Yukio is one of the cool Christmas baby names with a Japanese origin. It means ‘increase or addition’. It means ‘bright or clear’. The top Christmas baby names are Stella for girls and Christian for boys. David means ‘beloved’. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. In the Old Testament, Abigail was the name of King David’s third wife. Candy originated as a diminutive of Candace, which means ‘pure’. The name means ‘snow boy’. It means ‘bearer of Christ’. Hope is a virtue name that expresses confidence in the future and the anticipation of good things to come. A popular name for girls born in the 1920s to 1950s, Gloria is a good choice for parents who want to celebrate the Christmas season without being too obvious. Zuzu is the name of Jimmy Stewart’s adorable daughter in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Regardless of where you fall on the baby naming spectrum, there’s a wonderful option for you. Besides, Jasper is a precious stone that symbolizes strength and tenacity. To help you in the selection process, MomJunction compiled a list of Christmas baby names that feature both. This name has begun returning to the nurseries of Britain and the United States after years of hiatus. Furthermore, nature lovers will enjoy this cool name. The need to give a significant name to our babies is among the top reasons we take time to choose and provide the very best. So, when a parent is expecting the ultimate joy of becoming the parent of a little girl, especially during the Christmas time, they want to spread the same joy and happiness they feel by naming their princess with a name associated with the festival. It is taken from the Holiday movie “Elf”, in which Buddy falls in love with a girl name Jovie. Gabriel means ‘God is my strength’. Emmanuel for a boy, or Emmanuelle, for a girl. The name that literally means ‘Christmas’ in French is perfect for the Christmas day babies. Baby names: The most popular festive monikers, including Noelle and Celyn 'Tis the season to have a look at which beautiful festive name you'd pick for your little one. Now that you’re having a holiday baby, how about picking a name that captures the spirit of the season? It's December which means it's almost CHRISTMAS. Fredrick or Fred Claus, is the older brother of Santa Claus. Clark means ‘scribe or secretary’. Olive means ‘olive tree’. The origin of this name does not lie in Christmas. How about naming your daughter after the famous snowflake, Suzy? This Greek moniker, meaning ‘to sparkle’ was first used as an appellation of pastoral beauties. Frank as in Frankincense, is one of the gifts Balthazar gave to Mother Mary on the birth of Jesus. This beautiful Swahili name, meaning ‘hope and faith’ commemorates the spiritual side of the season without being too blatant. This adorable moniker is gender neutral but sounds better on girls. Epiphany means ‘manifestation’. Balthazar; Caspar; Christian; Christopher; Claus / Klaus; Gabriel; Giftson; Jesus; Joseph; Kristopher; Melchior; Nicholas / Nick; Night; Noel; North; Prophet; Rudolph; Shephard / Shepherd; Tree; Yule / Yul The name means ‘a joyful song.’ It may not be waxing melodious in the labor room, but it will be the minute you hold your little princess. A…, The world has come a long way from strict gender roles. [ Read: Baby Names Meaning Winter Or Snow ]. 50 Enchanting Christmas Themed Names For Baby Girls. Jefferson means ‘son of Geoffrey’. Cindy Lu is the character from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. This vintage name, meaning ‘bright’, always manages to make a place in the US top 200. The little elves do a great job of helping Santa deliver the Christmas goodies. Forget Emma for a while and pick Emmanuelle, the Old Testament Messiah name. Christmas is special, but Christmas with the expectation of a little bundle of joy is just spectacular. Balthazar, also spelled as Balthasar, is the name of one of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to baby Jesus. The site searched through thousands of baby names to reveal the top 10 given to boys and girls. Baby Girl Names Unique Rare Baby Names Unusual Baby Names Pet Names For Girls Interesting Baby Names Traditional Baby Girl Names Cute Baby Boy Names Christmas Baby Names Christmas Girls. One of the least common names in the list, Epifanio is a Hispanic name, meaning ‘bringing lights’. Just like other noun or word names, Winter is also on the rise. As Andy Williams sung it's the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you're due to welcome a beautiful baby boy or girl into the world. This spunky form of Marie belonged to Rudolf’s mother in “The Red Nosed Reindeer”. This name means ‘fir tree’. This name references to the elves that work hard day and night to make Christmas presents for the little one. You can shorten the name to Eben to make it sound unique. It means ‘peace’. Well, here’s one elegant name for a Christmas baby. It began as a nickname for the name Nicholas, which we believe, explains the name Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas). Is it just me, or does the rest of the year seem like a curtain-raiser for Christmas? You can either go the subtle way and pick a name inspired by carols, hymns, and special television shows and movies, or select names that scream the Yuletide season. Gabriella means ‘God is my strength’. Wish to name y…, So, what is a diaper and wipes party? So why not name your daughter after it? See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Merry means ‘Guardia of the sea’ in Welsh. Natalia is a French name, meaning ‘Born at Christmas’. Snow is synonymous with the Christmas period. Wenceslas is the name of the good king who attended the feast of Stephen. Timothy means ‘honoring God’. It’s a deeply meaningful name suitable for the Christian parents or parents who are in touch with their spirituality. “Christmas in Connecticut”, a vintage Christmas movie featured a charming hero named Jefferson. Expecting over the holiday season? Is It Safe To Get Facials During Pregnancy? Tiffany means ‘epiphany’. Snowden is an English name, meaning ‘from the snowy hill’. Gloria, taken from the word glory, features in several Christmas hymns and carols. Once you've exhausted this list, try our Winter baby names with less of a Christmas edge. Ivy is also an ever-green plant that’s common during Christmas. This cheerful Christmas girl name was given to hundreds of girls in 1950s by parents who found Mary too commonplace. Gender neutral baby names: 126 unisex baby names - and their meanings 20 European baby names that may cease to exist post-Brexit If none of the names above are right for you fear not because we've got over 50 winter inspired baby names and if you're due to give birth next year, we've got 40 spring inspired monikers and their meanings . Or you can consider it as a trendier alternative to Katie. When you can have names like Clementine and Plum, why not Berry, the fruit found abundantly during Christmas? It was earlier heard as a last name, but has now entered the scene as first. Not only is this name unique, rhythmic, and beautiful, it also means ‘fiery’, which nods to the toast fire that we enjoy during the holiday season. Your email address will not be published. After all, … Christian means ‘follower of Christ’. Who knows, the perfect baby girl or baby boy name could be on this list. If you want an uncommon variant of Milo, pick the cool and confident name Miles. Caleb means ‘devotion to God’. Christmas Baby Girl Names with Meanings. The religious ties of Caleb make it an appealing Holiday name. You can snip the second ‘r’ if you want to keep it straightforward. It means ‘pleasant wood’. Or you can use it as a short form for December. 94% of parents surveyed believe that giving their child a name with festive connotations … This English name refers to the plant with red berries that people use to decorate their house during the holidays. Her name means ‘pure’. Over the years we’ve seen a number of festive and Christmas-inspired baby names grow in popularity. This name means ‘people’s victory’. It means ‘ewe’. PSST… Wait a minute! Another name tied to peace. In previous years, Noah and Ava (derived from Eve) topped the list of names for babies due in the festive season, with Ethan, Isaac and Caleb proving popular for boys last year. The meaning of Clement is ‘mild or merciful’. If the herald angels singing inspire you a lot, adopt this glorious name for your little princess. The most popular Christmas-themed baby names are beyond cute Jadie Troy-Pryde November 25, 2019 11:55 am. Then there is “The First Noel” one of the most popular Christmas carols of all time. Angel/Angelo/Angela. This name is best remembered for the animated musical show, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, which featured the Peanuts gang – Lucy, Linus, Violet, and Frieda. Christmas Baby Names. It rhymes well with the feminine version that has a slightly different spelling – Noelle. With the Amazon Baby registry, you will enjoy a welcome box that is shipped free of charge. We think it will work best in the middle spot or as a nickname. Let us know by commenting below! Audrey was the youngest Griswold daughter in the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. This variation of the name of the ‘wise man’ is less common that Casper. The film and novel “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has made it even more popular. This musical name was a huge rage at the turn of the last century, reaching the 275th spot in 1884. Eira is a cool Christmas baby name of welsh origin that means ‘snow.’ Are you experiencing a white Christmas on the day your little princess makes the grand entrance? Read ahead and check out 50 enchanting Christmas themed names for baby girls and pick one for your little doll: Carol: What better name for your little girl than Carol with so many carols being … The name can also be spelled as ‘Elden.’. This Italian moniker meaning ‘light and clear’ has been borne by several Italian saints, including St. Chiara, who was late anglicized as St. Clare. Nicholas means ‘people’s victory’. Angel – One of the religious symbols of the holiday season Balthazar – One of the Three Wise Men Christian, Christine, Christina, Christopher, Christabel (girl) and Cristobal (boy)—Followers of Christ. Christmas is one of the most delightful moments of the year. The word name Hope denotes the expectations of believers in the eternal life and resurrection. Use this beautiful name for your little boy to warm up your hearts in the cold Christmas days. ok It means ‘follower of Christ’. And admit it, it sounds much better than Satsuma. This unique name meaning ‘dove’ is climbing its way up in the Social Security Administration list. Berry. After all it needs to last a lifetime! This is a graceful name of Scottish origin that means ‘winter.’ Snow is the common sight and weather during Christmas in many parts of the world. Please read our Disclaimer. Tashia means ‘born at Christmas.’ With variants such as ‘Latasha’ and ‘Natasha,’ your Christmas tree is overflowing with name gift boxes. Malachi means ‘messenger’. But to give it a modern touch, you can shorten it to Tannen or Tannon. Comet is the name of one of Santa’s reindeer. It means ‘man’. Some of you may not know, but the real name of Santa Claus is St. Nicholas and he’s the patron saint of children. Arthur was Mr. and Ms. Santa Claus’ son in the 3D Christmas special movie, “Arthur Christmas’. This astronomical name is reckoned to gain extreme popularity in the coming years. Mr. Jack Frost would be truly honored by your choice. A Christmas-inspired baby name doesn’t have to be tacky or blatantly festive. Ebenezer is the name of the biblical place that was set up by Samuel to commemorate his victory over the Philistines. His name means ‘ruler’. Clark is the name of the head of the dysfunctional Griswold family in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. The name Angelica signifies ‘angel.’ It’s a name with various alternatives, including ‘Angel, Angeline, and Angelina. Just keep scrolling! Or you can pick Gioia, the Italian version of Joy. Eve means ‘enlivening’. Along with Stella, other Christmas names for girls in the US Top 1000 include Eve, Ivy, Natalie, Holly, Josephine, Mary, Lucia, and Angela. Suggested similar-sounding names are Chrestien, Chriss, Christan, Christer, Christiaan, Christian, Christiano, Christie, Christo, Christof, Christofer, Christoph, Christophe ▼, Christos, Christy, Chrystian, Cristen, Cristian, Cristiano ▲, Cristino, Cristobal, Criston, Cristos, Cristoval and Cristy.

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