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This will allow you to win different cards from other individuals. Final Fantasy VIII suffers from the same problem that affected VII and IX. Triple is one of the best magics that you can Junction to your characters and I highly recommend you take this route. Remove all elemental magic from 'Elemental-Attack' junction so you won't heal Omega; Junction 100 Deaths to 'Status-Defense' junction if you are going into the fight with a level ending in '5' or '0'. She is able to control the mind of a Sorceress who exists in the present day, which is what happened to Edea. This guide shows you the growth rate of attributes by using proper magic in junction system (+ contains a map with hidden draw points and some basic information about Magic Junction System). Sound off in the comments! She was considered to be a child prodigy and completed the SeeD exam at the age of fifteen. There are numerous guides online that explain the easiest ways to break the rules in Final Fantasy VIII, which includes exploiting the Junction system and spamming Zell's first two Limit Breaks over and over again. These include the likes of Random, which means that the game randomly chooses your five cards, and the All trade rule, which means that you lose all of your cards when you lose. The Final Fantasy series has featured several minigames that switch the genre into something else. They should either give the player a chance to see Ultimecia's future or restrict their trip to the Castle. 1. The Special Triple Triad Rules. The Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania guide gave Ultimecia a motive, as it explained that she knew that she was destined to be killed by a member of SeeD, so she wanted to control time in order to prevent it from happening. In order to win specific Triple Triad cards, you need to lose certain cards to the Queen of Cards. A graduate of Edge Hill University in the UK, Scott started out as a film student before moving into journalism. The ability to draw magic from enemies meant that you had a limitless source of energy to call on. On the Junction Menu, select the Junction System, then GF to choose from all the GFs you have obtained in the game. I would like to start off by pointing out that Quistis gives a very well organized and in-depth instructional guide on the basics of junctioning magic to your characters and it is highly recommended that you follow her explanation, especially if this … Chapter 7: Deling City 10. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a updating of the classic 8th entry in the main Final Fantasy line of games. Final Fantasy VIII is by far the easiest game in the series to break. At one point in Final Fantasy VIII, Squall needs to find Ellone. This would be a huge mistake, as the notion of the protagonist being dead/in a coma all along has been done to death in fiction. One of the most important characters in Final Fantasy VIII is Ellone. 'Tornado' is a solid second choice if you don't have 'Triple'. i know the guy at the front gate plays level 4 cards and i got all but bomb from him. The Ragnarok is barely mentioned up until this point, which makes its arrival a total Deus Ex Machina. 8. If Square still wants to include them, then they should at least be optional and easy to get rid of. Without utilizing the junction system, characters cannot use abilities other t… FF8 Remastered is introducing a whole new generation of players to GFs (and their locations and abilities), just an example of innovative but misunderstood features in one of the most underappreciated games in franchise history. The Final Fantasy VIII remake needs to close all of these holes that make the game way too easy without any hard work. Ultimecia uses a machine that was based on Ellone's powers in order to do the same thing. While there’s no level grinding involved, Final Fantasy VIII can still get pretty deep with the innovative Junction system. Squall knows that his rescue mission is doomed, yet he still goes after her anyway. When playing Final Fantasty 8 you’ll discover the mini card game built into it early on. Oct 27, 2017 5,273. My perfect junction setup in Final Fantasy 8. All it took to make Final Fantasy VIII laughably easy was a little creativity with the Junction system. For the uninitiated, Triple Triad is Final Fantasy VIII’s optional card game that many of the world’s NPC’s play religiously. Final Fantasy VIII teased an awesome minigame and then never followed up on the promise. ... HIT Triple 150, Ultima 60, Aura 50, Meteor/Double 40, Tornado 38, Blind/Quake 30, Flare 26, Holy 24, Aero 22. We’re here to help with this Final Fantasy 8 GF guide.. The spell gives characters the ability to cast three spells in a single turn. The story of Squall's journey is a lot more personal and deals with humanity on a more grounded level than Final Fantasy VII ever did. Chapter 4: Timber 6. Gilmore Girls: Does The Show Romanticize Infidelity? The upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most highly anticipated video games of this generation. This involves impeccable strategy and timing, as they are assassinating a foreign ambassador. It is later revealed that these creatures are actually the final evolution of a highly advanced race called the Shumi, who turn into a Pokémon as they get older for some reason. The junction system isn't based on the traditional specialization of weapons and armor in a typical Final Fantasy game, and because in general enemies' scale to the player party's level, simple leveling up does not help gain an advantage. Final Fantasy VII was notorious for this, as it included Mog House (feeding a Moogle the right amount of food so that he can get laid), the tower defense game that you play at Fort Condor, the submarine attack game, the snowboarding game, and the bike race. Triple Triad is an awesome game on its own and these special rules made it really frustrating to play. Squall finds out that his real father is the President and he ends up getting the girl in the end because his mind is finding solace before it passes on. Final Fantasy VIII might be the worst in this regard, especially when it comes to finding specific cards and Guardian Forces. This is due to the Junction system being so easy to abuse. Chapter 5: Galbadia 8. The only GFs that learn SumMag+40% naturally are Doomtrain, Bahamut and Eden. Irvine kept his memories as he went to a Garden where they didn't use Guardian Forces. Will Squall and the SeeD crew return to our consoles someday? 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Chapter 1: Balamb Garden 2. Battle and junction effects and refinement/drawing information for the Triple spell in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII, PlayStation Network, PS, PS1, PSX, PSN) Also featured is a collectible card-based minigame called "Triple Triad". All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. This scene would have been vastly improved by establishing the Ragnarok's existence beforehand and maybe explaining that it has some sort of automatic security system that makes it try and save nearby individuals who are floating in space. One of the most frustrating scenes in Final Fantasy VIII involves Quistis being incredibly dumb. This whole sequence might be the stupidest storyline in the series. Chapter 3: Training Center 4. The game never explains how Seifer gained the ability to counter the most powerful attack used by the player and permanently kill a Guardian Force. It's easy to get lost in Squall's journey to become the King of Games instead of fighting enemies. The game isn't so generous with this information, however, which means that most players will be stuck hugging the coast while swimming around every continent and island in an effort to find the White SeeD ship. You could also use Guardian Force abilities to refine weaker spells into stronger ones or transform Triple Triad cards into groups of powerful spells. … Final Fantasy VIII invites the player to cheat with the written SeeD exam. The most annoying thing about this segment of the game is that you can explore the world of the future, but everything is covered in a forcefield that prevents you from entering, save for the Ragnarok, where you can win the last few Triple Triad cards. A lot of what made Final Fantasy VII unique has been copied to death by other games, so the things that made it so groundbreaking no longer seem special. Triple Triad is one of the best minigames in Final Fantasy history. To get cards though, you’re going to have to beat people at the game, and that means you need to learn how to play it. From the arcane methods of unlocking the best items in the game to the most distracting mascot creatures in the series, here are 15 Things That NEED To Be Cut From The Final Fantasy VIII Remake! i know i can get it from the fire cave, but i've been there all ready to get ifrit but didn't run into any bombs on the way out. It wouldn't add anything to the story of Final Fantasy VIII, other than explaining some of the weird and out of place stuff that shows up later in the game. Now use the Hyper Wrists to teach Str +60% to one of the GFs junctioned to both Squall and Zell. Quistis Trepe is supposed to be one of the smartest people in Balamb Garden. Ellone's abilities are so powerful that she is protected by the White SeeDs, who keep her moving at all times. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. I put up what I "think" is the best setup for any battle in Final Fantasy 8. Designate a medic and cast Triple on that character so you can restore your party in a single turn.

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