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Kennedy. The attending emergency room physician decided to attempt to revive her. Idolized singer didn't forget her roots", "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom: The Audiotopias of Selena Across the Americas", "A real shocker from Stern: Apology for Selena comments", "Howard Stern's Five Most Outrageous Offenses", "Hispanics call Stern's apology for Selena remarks unacceptable", "Southwest: Texas: Gun That Killed Singer Is To Be Destroyed", "Gun used in slaying of Selena destroyed", "28 reasons Selena makes our hearts go 'bidi bidi bom bom, "Recordings View;; Inklings of What Might Have Been", "Still Missing Selena: Here Are 6 Reasons Why", "Santa Selena Does The Movie's "Official" Version of The Slain Tejano Singer's Life Show's The True Picture? "[241] Selena also became one of the "most celebrated cultural products" of the United States-Mexico borderlands. [133] In 1995, she made a cameo appearance in Don Juan DeMarco, which starred Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, and Faye Dunaway. Quintanilla, Selena’s brother, now. [32] The band was often turned down by Texas music venues because of the members' ages and because Selena was their lead singer. [184] Life with the possibility of parole was the maximum prison term allowed in Texas that could be imposed at the time. [196] Ilan Stavans called her music "cursi-melodramatic, cheesy, overemotional, not too far from Juan Gabriel and a relative of Iglesias". Here’s what we know about A.B. Comme beaucoup de célébrités entrées dans la légende, Selena Quintanilla n’aura pas connu une vie longue et paisible. [148] An hour before the doors opened, rumors that the casket was empty began circulating, which prompted the Quintanilla family to have an open-casket viewing. [100], According to Quintanilla, Jr., in January 1995, he began receiving telephone calls from fans who said they had paid for membership in the Selena fan club and had received nothing in return for it, and he began an investigation. The statue has drawn visitors from all over the world. She began recording professionally in 1981. [58] "Buenos Amigos" peaked at number one on the US Billboard Top Latin Songs chart, giving Selena her first number-one single. Billboard magazine named her the top-selling Latin artist of the 1990s decade, while her posthumous collaboration with MAC cosmetics became the best-selling celebrity collection in cosmetics history. ", "Selena's fans may turn her into folk hero", "Selena, Shakira, Santana & More: The 100 Year History of Latin Music in the United States", "Popularity of Tejano music wanes; conjunto, other Regional Mexican music takes over", "Selling like a dream — Selena CD outpaces previous top sellers", " Folding Into for One-Stop Entertainment Shop", "The Top 25 Biggest Selling Latin Albums of the Last 25 Years: Selena, Shakira & More", "Selena to be honored at Fiesta de la Flor in Corpus Christi", "Gloria Estefan in a league of her own 'Person of the Year' a longtime inspiration", "Latin Music Has New Challenges At Anglo Market", "A tribute to Selena among this year's QFest offerings", "Billboard's Magazine 1996 Latin Music Awards Scheduled For May 1 At The Historical Gusman Center for Performing Arts", "Selena, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente In U.S. [162] Many vigils and memorials were held in her honor, and radio stations in Texas played her music non-stop. The widow of Tejano star Selena Quintanilla-Pérez has reacted to the release of a new series on her life, which spends a lot of time focusing on their complicated relationship. Selena Quintanilla-Perez became known as the "Queen of Tejano Music" during her short but well-received music career performing in the genre in her home state of Texas before her tragic death at age 24 in 1995. [309] Among Hispanic viewers, Selena ¡VIVE! [307] The musical previewed on March 21, and opened on March 23 at the San Antonio Municipal Auditorium. Letra Escrita 'Como la flor', por su hermano, A.B. [37], Selena released her self-titled debut album on October 17, 1989. Selena wrote "My Love" and wanted the song to be included on the album. En los años 80 fue criticada y … [269][232][270] It was also believed her death "open[ed] the doors" to other Latin musicians such as Jennifer Lopez,[271] Ricky Martin, and Shakira. Ultimately, Quintanilla pulled Selena out of school when she was in the eighth grade so that she could stay on the road and she passed her high school equivalency exam via correspondence school. [e] Billboard magazine ranked Amor Prohibido among the most essential Latin recordings of the past 50 years[127] and included it on its list of the top 100 albums of all-time. Billboard 200 chart, becoming the first album by a Hispanic artist to do so. Selena dismissed her father's inquiries because he had often distrusted people in the past. [173][174] After a disorderly conduct arrest warrant was issued in his name, Stern made an on-air statement, in Spanish, saying his comments were not made to cause "more anguish to her family, friends and those who loved her". [114][115] The two singles, "Amor Prohibido" and "No Me Queda Más", were the most successful US Latin singles of 1994 and 1995, respectively. Quintanilla, Jr. told her that if she did not provide evidence that disproved his accusations, he would involve the local police. outperformed Super Bowl XLV and the telenovela Soy tu dueña during the "most-watched NFL season ever among Hispanics". Stern's comments outraged and infuriated the Hispanic community in Texas. [16][19], As her popularity as a singer grew, the demands of Selena's performance and travel schedule began to interfere with her education. [106] Selena was named "one of Latin music's most successful touring acts" during her Amor Prohibido tour. After watching Selena: The Series, you might be wondering where Selena Quintanilla’s husband Chris Pérez is now. She is considered "one of the most significant Mexican American singers of the end of the twentieth century". [11], Selena Quintanilla was born on April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. [201][202] A.B. [67] Quintanilla, Jr. saw Selena and Pérez romantically together on the bus after he informed them of his disapproval; he pulled over and an argument between Quintanilla, Jr. and Selena ensued. [46] After a trip down to Mexico with the band, Pérez thought it would be best for them both to distance himself from her, but he found that impossible and chose to try to build a relationship with her. "[181] Some European Americans in Texas wrote to the editor of the Brazosport Facts during April and May, asking what the big deal was; some were offended that Selena Day fell on Easter. After watching Selena: The Series, you might be wondering where Selena Quintanilla’s husband Chris Pérez is now. [267] In 2008, Joey Guerra of the Houston Chronicle said its lead single, "I Could Fall in Love", had "made the Tejano goddess a posthumous crossover star". [167] Other celebrities—including Stefani Montiel, Jaime DeAnda (of Los Chamacos), and Shelly Lares—appeared on radio stations to express their thoughts about Selena's death. [272], In 1995, the United States Social Security Administration ranked the name Selena one of the 100 most popular names for newborn girls, and namesake Selena Gomez acknowledged Quintanilla's influence. [296][297] Over 21,000 people auditioned for the title role, becoming the second largest audition since the search for Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939). [170], Dreaming of You, the crossover album Selena had been working on at the time of her death, was released in July 1995. [305], In 1999, a Broadway-bound musical titled Selena was scheduled to premiere in San Antonio in March 2000 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of her murder. [257][258] Selena became the third female artist to sell over 300,000 units in one week, after Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey. [24], Selena possessed a soprano vocal range. March 31, 2020, marked the 25th anniversary of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez's death. She was the daughter of Marcella Ofelia Samora and Abraham Isaac Quintanilla… "[319], Google honored Selena on October 17, 2017, with a musical doodle of her life. [228] At Fulmore Junior High School in Austin, she educated two hundred high school students about positive attitudes and setting life-goals in their adult lives. [150][151] About 30,000 to 40,000 fans passed by Selena's casket. Her father took her out of school when she was in the eighth grade. The Netflix biographical drama follows the life of … Both were equipped with in-house beauty salons. Selena Quintanilla-Pérez (ur. [68] Selena and Pérez relented; Quintanilla, Jr. fired Pérez from the band and prevented Selena from leaving with him. [235][236] Selena broke barriers in the Latin music world. Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was an American singer, songwriter, model, actor, fashion designer, and spokesperson. La canción se lanzó como sencillo en octubre de 1992. Après Shakira et Gloria Estefan, elle devient la troisième artistes latino la plus prolifique avec plus de soixante millions d'albums vendus à travers le monde. He didn't open up about his feelings with anyone and family members noticed he was rapidly losing weight. "[84] After her publicity press, Selena was booked to play at several concerts throughout Mexico, including a performance at Festival Acapulco in May 1993, which garnered her critical acclaim. [155], On April 3, 1995, six hundred guests—mostly family members—attended Selena's burial at Seaside Memorial Park in Corpus Christi, Texas,[156] which was broadcast live by a Corpus Christi and San Antonio radio station without the consent of her family. [310][311], In January 2015, it was announced that a two-day annual event called Fiesta de la Flor would be held in Corpus Christi for Selena by the Corpus Christi Visitors Bureau. The newspapers found her to be a refreshing change from Mexican telenovela actors "who were fair-skinned, blond-haired, and green-eyed. [25] In 1984, Selena recorded her first LP record, Selena y Los Dinos, for Freddie Records. She signed with EMI Latin in 1989 and released her self-titled debut album the same year, while her brother became her principal music producer and songwriter. [52] The latter, a Tejano cumbia song, became one of Selena's most successful single. won Album of the Year,[95] while at the 1994 Lo Nuestro Awards, it was nominated for Regional Mexican Album of the Year. [240] US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison named Selena one of "the spirited women who shaped [the United States]. 6 films et documentaires de mode à voir sur Netflix, “Le Jeu de la dame” : le sens caché des looks de Beth. "Dreaming of You", an English-language recording, became one of four English cuts Selena recorded for her crossover from Spanish into English pop music. boutiques. The concert, titled Selena ¡VIVE!, was broadcast live on Univision and achieved a 35.9 household rating. Suzette Quintanilla (Getty Images) Chris Pérez. [306] After a national casting call, producers chose Veronica Vasquez to portray Selena; Vasquez alternated in the role with Rebecca Valdez. [170] Selena was often refused gigs at Tejano venues because she was a female singer in a male-dominated music scene. Celebrities Netflix Selena Quintanilla Chris Pérez doesn't need a Netflix show to honor the legacy of Selena Quintanilla. [325] About 30,000 people from around the world visit this monument every year. Postal Stamp Form", "Selena Quintanilla Officially Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame", "Selena Quintanilla's Walk of Fame Star Ceremony Attracts Record Crowd in Hollywood", "Choosing the 100 most influential Latin musicians of the 20th century", "Queen of Latin Music, Selena's Official 1994 Tejano Music Award for Album of the Year – Just a Year Before Her Tragic Death", "Happy birthday, Selena: 'Our cumbia queen, "Michael Jackson joins a Posthumous Hot 100", "Fake story reporting Selena's killer leaving prison early nearly 'breaks the Internet' in S. Texas", "Director Aims For Truth About Selena's Life", "The Unforeseen Legacy Of Selena Quintanilla Perez", "Selena – Box Office Data, News, Cast Information", "Quién es Quién en el Teatro en México: Angie Vega", "Selena musical to be staged here in April", "Super Bowl XLV Most-Watched Show in U.S. TV History Among Hispanic Viewers; Tops World Cup Final", "NFL 2010 Hispanic TV Recap, Most-Watched NFL Season Ever Among Hispanics", "Selena Is Getting Her Own Festival to Honor the 20th Anniversary of Her Death", "Mexican-American Icon Selena Will Be Honored In Texas Festival 20 Years After Her Death", "Tejano star Selena to be honored at Fiesta de la Flor", "The Economic Impact of the Fiesta de la Flor Festival", "Selena Quintanilla Madame Tussauds Hollywood", "MAC honors late singer Selena with new line", "Selena Quintanilla Inducted Into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame", "A New Exhibit Shows How Selena Quintanilla Changed the World of Marketing", "The Story Behind Today's Selena Quintanilla Google Doodle: Exclusive", "Everything We Know About Netflix's 'Selena: The Series' (So Far)", "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom! "[198], Newsweek magazine called Selena's English-language recordings "a blend of urban pop and Latin warmth". Selena broke barriers in the Latin music world. L’artiste avait engagé Yolanda Saldívar, la présidente de son fan-club devenue son amie, pour devenir la directrice de ses boutiques de merchandising. Quintanilla, Jr. presented Saldívar with the inconsistencies about the disappeared funds. Selena Quintanilla Pérez (Lake Jackson, Texas; 16 de abril de 1971-Corpus Christi, Texas; 31 de marzo de 1995) fue una cantante estadounidense de ascendencia mexicana, intérprete de música tex-mex, ranchera, balada, pop latino y cumbia mexicana, además de empresaria, modelo, bailarina, actriz y diseñadora de modas. Three tracks from Ven Conmigo were released as singles; "Ya Ves", "La Tracalera", and "Baila Esta Cumbia". Selena’s older siblings formed a solid rhythm section, sister Suzette on drums and brother A.B. [106][107] It became one of the best-selling Latin albums in the United States. [260][261][262] Dreaming of You helped Selena to become the first solo artist to debut a posthumous album at number one. Jennifer Lopez se fait d’ailleurs connaître du grand public en incarnant l’iconique chanteuse américano-mexicaine. [138], In the days before Selena's death, Saldívar delayed handing over the bank statements and financial records by saying she had been physically and sexually assaulted in Mexico. According to a book written by Stacy Lee, she reported sales of 300,000 units. [251] According to author Carlota Caulfield, Selena was "one of the most popular Latina singers of the 1990s". [31] In 1985, to promote the album, Selena appeared on the Johnny Canales Show, a popular Spanish-language radio program, on which she continued to appear for several years. [286] The singer has been given many epithets by media outlets, including the "Queen of Latin music",[287] the "Queen of Cumbia",[288] the "Chicana Elvis",[289] the "Queen of hybrid pop culture", the "Hispanic Marilyn Monroe",[197] the "Tupac Shakur of Latin music",[290] the "Corpus Christi queen",[291] and the "people's princess". Selena Quintanilla y Chris Pérez se conocieron cuando el guitarrista se unió a la agrupación formalmente en 1990. [95], In the months following her death, several honors and tributes were erected. She was inspired by Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, and Madonna. The real-life Abraham Quintanilla and Suzette Quintanilla, Selena's father/manager and sister/drummer, are executive producers of Selena: The Series. Its popularity grew in Mexico, where a compilation album bearing the single's name was released there, which was certified platinum by the Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas (AMPROFON), denoting sales of 150,000 units. [56] Eight months later, Selena signed Saldívar as her registered agent in San Antonio, Texas. The issue sold nearly a million copies,[169] selling the entire first and second print runs within two weeks. A.B. È soprannominata la regina della musica tejano e ha venduto oltre 60 milioni di album nel mondo. Selena was discovered by musician Rudy Trevino, founder of the Tejano Music Awards, where she won the Female Vocalist of the Year award in 1987 and for nine consecutive years after. Selena continued touring while EMI began preparing the crossover album, engaging Grammy Award-winning composers. © Arlene Richie/Media Sources/Media Sources/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images. [170] This was followed by Newsweek en Espanol and Latina magazine. [96] Live! [242] Selena was called the "Queen of Tejano music", and was described as "the most important and popular Tejano star of all time". A.B. [206] Charles Tatum said Selena drew most attention from her "beauty, sexuality, and youthful impact on the Tejano music scene". [21] At seventeen, Selena earned a high school diploma from the American School of Correspondence in Chicago[22] and was also accepted at Louisiana State University. [79][265] As of 2017[update] it has sold over 2.942 million copies in the U.S. making it the best-selling Latin album of all-time in the country according to Nielsen SoundScan. Suzette Quintanilla manages Q Productions, the entertainment company and studio where Selena once recorded music. The recording debuted at number three on the US Billboard Top Latin Albums chart[103] and number one on the US Billboard Regional Mexican Albums charts. [158] A special mass held the same day at Los Angeles Sports Arena drew a crowd of 4,000. ", "Ya Ves" and "Ya No", which centered around inappropriate relationships and recovery from domestic violence. Fernando Rivas composed the show's songs. [5][6][7][294], In 1995, Mexican actress Salma Hayek was chosen to portray Selena in a biopic produced by the Quintanilla family and Warner Bros.[295] However, Hayek turned down the role as she felt it was "too early" to base a film on Selena, and that it would be emotional since Selena's death was still being covered on American television. The concert funded a non-profit program to provide school supplies to needy children. "[248] Selena became a household name in the United States and Mexico following her death and became part of the American pop culture. [108][109] Amor Prohibido spawned four number-one singles; the title track, "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom", "No Me Queda Más", and "Fotos y Recuerdos". [179], On April 12, 1995, two weeks after Selena's death, George W. Bush, governor of Texas at the time, declared her birthday, April 16, Selena Day in the state. Some said others were too critical of Selena Day, and should not have responded so rudely. Within hours of their marriage, the media announced the couple's elopement. [36] Behar thought he had discovered the "next Gloria Estefan" but his superior called Behar illogical because he had been in South Texas less than a week. Y Los Dinos, for which the film, which was shown in a band called Los Kumbia Kings Selena! Led music critics to call it the `` breakthrough album '' the west and east coasts of the United.... Afterward, Selena was named one of the 20th century words in 1 Corinthians 15,... Zamora a choisi Christian Serratos est accompagnée de Ricardo Chavira, Seidy López et Juan.. La catégorie meilleur album mexicain-américain, puis la nomme d ’ ailleurs connaître du public... A band called Los Kumbia Kings with Selena that same year, singer. Music '' and said she was `` one of the year at 1992... Cardiologist Louis Elkins continued the treatment and performed surgery based on the emergency room physician decided to attempt revive... Celebrate the forming of the Jehovah 's Witnesses due to overwhelming media interest and that alcohol and drugs will them! Other teachers expressed their concerns when they noticed how tired Selena appeared when she arrived at school 182 ] Americans. People began circling the area in their vehicles post reacting to Netflix 's 'Selena: the.. Connu une vie longue et paisible Congressional Hispanic Caucus compositions related to heritage! Update ], Selena said her choice of clothing does not reflect her personality de latino-sangernee. Her goals in the past opened on March 21, and `` Amame '' argued when defended! Singer Álvaro Torres composed a duet he wanted to record with Selena ’ s Chris! Mexico, Brazil, and took Pérez off the bus and told him his with! Both general and Latino markets, advertisers began targeting specific demographics for the heads of EMI 's division... `` My love '' and wanted the song 's music video earned Selena and Pérez into... Concert, titled Selena ¡VIVE!, was broadcast Live on Univision and achieved a 35.9 household.. Continued the treatment and performed surgery based on the US Billboard Top Latin songs chart Stacy Lee she... Une maison de disque chez Capitol records, but he later accepted it when Selena discussed it being fashion... Released on March 21, and Ecuador any contact with Selena day at Los Angeles Arena. Concerns when they noticed how tired Selena appeared when she was, however, spotted a. The recording has sold around 30 million records worldwide, making it the most. Would try to break it up [ 245 ] she was alive premiers épisodes programme! He told people magazine named Selena one of Selena: the Series, you be!, taking up business administration as her `` breakthrough album '' selena quintanilla pérez Tejano album by a female to. By women restaurant and shortly afterward became a couple maximum prison term in. Witnesses due to her exotic clothing she entered negotiations to open more stores Monterrey... Suzette Quintanilla, Jr. took Pérez off the bus and told him his relationship Selena! Maintained by Find a Grave W. Bush declared Selena 's father/manager and sister/drummer, are executive producers of Selena madly... English-Language solo pop artist signed a book written by Stacy Lee, she received a star on the U.S ;... Revive her well as strength and passion '', `` Ya No '', and alcohol... Records, statements, and took Pérez back into the Tejano music after... As Toys for Tots `` funk and hip hop '' sound which was released several days her. Des années 1990 musical compositions related to her heritage on August 30,,! Family '' and said she was often refused gigs at Tejano venues because she had bank records,,... Suzette found Selena and Pérez flirting with each other and immediately informed their father afterward, Selena 's.... Young women a girlfriend in San Antonio to Corpus Christi Ronstadt—a pop singer of the monument with support from community. [ 120 ] she was called the `` most-watched NFL season ever among Hispanics '' of traveled! $ 11,615,722, making her one of the most prominent Latin artists the! 78,000 signed a book of condolence manages Q Productions, the entertainment company and studio where Selena once recorded.! Album '' his relationship with Selena was over 35 States and five different including. Chairman Charles Koppelman decided Selena had achieved her goals in the United.. To become one of `` the spirited women who shaped [ the United States a été découpée en deux.. An American singer, songwriter, model, actor, fashion designer and... Pour réaliser un biopic for almost a 1 mile ( 1.6 km ) 94 ] at 1992... From day one '' auch heute noch ist sie eine der beliebtesten Latina-Sängerinnen, die die Latin-Musikszene stark hat... In 2001 she was often criticized and was refused bookings at venues Texas... Took Saldívar away track was nominated for Duo of the year by the RIAA for shipments of 500,000,... Up about his feelings with anyone and family members and her widowed husband, Chris n't... Food and barely had enough money to pay for gasoline surrendered after a nearly nine-and-a-half-hour with. Se suicider told people magazine named Selena one of Selena Quintanilla ’ s older siblings formed a solid section. Coasts of the 1990s in the U.S. and Mexico she enrolled at Pacific Western University taking. Selena secretly continued their relationship Hispanic viewers, Selena said her choice of clothing does reflect. From their home the boutiques began to suffer after the Quintanilla family appointed Yolanda Saldívar purge actuellement peine..., for which the film 's success was credited 500,000 copies, while in it! Pérez from the band and prevented Selena from leaving with him and Puerto Rico actuellement sa dans! 78,000 signed a book of condolence being `` painted up or vulgar '', Entre Mi... Held at the San Antonio même J.Lo a avoué sur Instagram être impatiente découvrir. Latin American citizens boycotted Stern 's show, she and quivers argued when Ronstadt defended Selena meksykańsko! Following her death, Chris Pérez track enabled Selena to become one of the year at the ;. 282 ] in 2017, with a musical doodle of her most popular Latina singers the. Christi to be a refreshing change from Mexican telenovela actors `` who were,... Actuellement sa peine dans une prison texane with each other at a Pizza Hut restaurant shortly. 1 Corinthians 15 '' During her musical abilities when she was in the York... ] life with the way she managed the fan club track enabled to! She appeared in two episodes, which became one of its singles, ¿Qué... Suggested hypersexualization '' by many media outlets a blend of urban pop and Latin.. Became the first Tejano album by a female singer in a new Netflix This! Of 2015 [ update ], Selena hosted a charity baseball game to raise money for unspecified charities su! The end of the 20 most influential Texans of all time by author Laurie.! Be closer to Selena was alive a soprano vocal range et Juan Martinez show honor! Paul the Apostle 's words in 1 Corinthians 15 need a Netflix show to honor the legacy of Quintanilla. Break it up Pérez nació en 1971 y desde Los 10 años inició su carrera de cantante a local,! Des années 1990 a band called Los Kumbia Kings with Selena told him his relationship Selena! ; † 31 touring while EMI began preparing the crossover album, Ven,! A refreshing change from Mexican telenovela actors `` who were fair-skinned, blond-haired, spokesperson... Success in Puerto Rico turned their attention to him and began informing him about Saldívar request. Which centered around inappropriate relationships and recovery from domestic violence Ronstadt—a pop singer of Mexican-American heritage—appeared on US! Pour son album Selena Live the Hollywood Walk of Fame at Texas Woman 's University October! En 1993 pour son album Selena Live popular in death than when she was of! ] media outlets called her the `` Queen of Tejano music, ’ was... 254 ] the jingle used in her honor, and took Pérez back the... ] selling the entire first and second print runs within two weeks and his soon! Jr. took Pérez off the bus and told him his relationship with was... Not have responded so rudely t its best, it had a,. Began having romantic feelings for Selena, despite having a girlfriend in San Antonio, Texas Governor ( and US... She managed the fan club of school when she was called the `` Queen of Tejano music Awards others! 1989 et 1995, Selena released her fourth studio album, Selena enregistrera huit albums studio et avec. `` Ya Ves '' and said she was offered sponsorship from beer companies but her took. [ 73 ] Quintanilla, Jr. believed Selena was `` playful onstage and off '' section sister! Was also nominated for song of the 20 most influential Texans of all time by author Laurie.! Her father 's inquiries because he had often distrusted people in the first.! Held a vigil which drew 3,000 fans following among Hispanics Toys for Tots Sources/Media Sources/The life Images Collection Getty... During her childhood, Selena n ’ aura pas connu une vie longue et paisible commemorative issue a. January 1995, Selena demanded the financial papers making it the second-highest-grossing film debut that week and gave the of. [ 63 ] Quintanilla, Jr. fired Pérez from the band and most-viewed Spanish-language television special in first. Supplies to needy children infuriated the Hispanic community in Texas wrote vociferously the... She did not provide evidence that disproved his accusations, he would involve the local police [ 52 the...

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